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25 December 2007

AEROFLOT is named as the best airline of the year 2007

December 25, 2007. Moscow. – following the results of the year 2007 the authoritative traveling magazine the "Afisha-MIR" has named Aeroflot as the best airline company. Results are published in December issue of the magazine dedicated to all the best events happened in the travel industry in the last year.

According the opinion of the magazine’s expert commission, Aeroflot has received the maximum possible amount of points among all other airlines - participants of the contest, including GTK “Russia”, “Transaero”, S7 Airlines (“Siberia”), “Singapore Airlines”, “Emirates”, “Thai Airways”, “British Airways”, “Air France”, “Virgin Atlantic”, “Malaysia Airlines”, “South African Airways”, “Eos Airlines” and “Lauda Air”.

Editorial board of the magazine selected the expert commission from those public people, whose taste, authority and awareness in the field of tourist consumerism are incontestable. The commission included famous actors, sportsmen, writers, journalists, art and theater analysts and critics, businessmen.

Organizers of the contest have announced, that in terms of the points gained in the course of the contest Aeroflot has dramatically outpaced other airlines included into the contest ratings.

And decision of the expert commission was far not the accident. Within the whole year “Aeroflot” was consistently and efficiently broadening its operations in all the business directions. According preliminary results, the number of passengers served by the company in 2007 was by 10% higher than that in the previous year. Within the last years, having become the “Aeroflot” Group members, subsidiary companies “Aeroflot-Don” and “Aeroflot-Nord” were rapidly and consistently developing, having served over 2 million people. And the Aeroflot itself, excluding its subsidiaries, has reached in the late 2007 the level of8 million passengers served. In aggregate, the “Aeroflot” Group in 2007 has conquered the 10 million clients level.

In view of the SkyTeam membership based cooperation the Aeroflot within the last year has considerably widened the geography of its services allover the world and its exposure inside of Russia. From May Aeroflot has started regular flights to Surgut, from July – the flights on the route Magadan – Irkutsk, based on the newly established affiliated office of the company in Magadan. Basing on Saint-Petersburg office of the company the number of regular flights has been also considerably increased, the company has opened its office in Sochi, the city which has been selected to host the Winter Olympic Games 2014, partially through the efforts of the Aeroflot.

Enhancement of the company’s operational efficiency has been supported by increasing of its aircraft fleet. In the last day of the year 2007 Aeroflot will say final “goodbye” to its veteran “work-horse”, Tu-134 airplane. To replace the Tu-134 fleet 9 А320s have been acquired, and now the A320 fleet of the company consists of 34 airplanes of this type,while before the year 2011 the number of these airplanes will come to 56 vehicles. In 2008 it is also expected that the first Russian short-haul SSJ-100 jet will be put into service. In terms of operational reliability and in-service time Aeroflot is one of the world leaders.

In 2007 the company has signed certain contracts and agreements defining the structure of its future fleet of long-haul jets. In 2008 – 2010 the company expects deliveries of 10 new А330s, in 2014 – 2017 deliveries of 22 А350s are scheduled, and in 2014 – 2016 the company will additionally acquire 22 В 787 Dreamliner jets.

Aeroflot has supported the national aviation industry by placing firm order for 45 regional SSJ-100 liners and 6 cargo Ilyushin 96-400Т jets.

The forthcoming large scale renewal of the company’s fleet has raised the issue of the training for new pilots. To this end Aeroflot has developed the new and most up-to-date pilot training concept and takes all relevant measures to implement this concept practically. The company keeps purchasing training airplanes, developing training programs, examining various versions of deployment of the new training facilities on the basis of the near Moscow airfields.

In the last year the company has been awarded with lots of local and international awards and prizes. As one of components of the Aeroflot’s success the jury has mentioned Aeroflot’s leadership in introducing of e-ticketing in Russia and confirmation of its international flight safety audit certificate from IOSA.

Following the IATA recommendations, in March of the last year the Aeroflot has activated the e-ticket in the international agent chain, and from July 1 has started sales of e-tickets in Russia. To the end of 2007 there will be more than 300 thousand e-tickets sold. In late 2007 e-ticketing will be introduced in more than 50 airports.

The year of 2007 became for Aeroflot and its subsidiaries not only the year of considerable increase of sales, but the year of efficient and consistent growth of the company in almost all its business directions and undertakings, including net revenues, which in comparison with the previous year have increased by more than 20%.


Joint Stock Company "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines" (AFLT) is a recognized leader on Russian civil aviation market, in fact the company is the national carrier.Being the biggest aviation company in the country Aeroflot annually serves more than 8 million passengers, same figure being taken together with Aeroflot subsidiaries comes to 10 million passengers a year, i.e. almost 25% from total number of Russian air passengers. Having a fleet of 83 jetliners the company makes flights to 93 destinations in 47 countries worldwide (302 flights a day). The company controls 51% of Russian international flights and approximately 12% of internal flights. Net profit of the company in 2006 was 7.9 billion Rubles (US$258.1 million of consolidated net profit as of the IFRS).

Aeroflot is one of the oldest aviation companies in the world and one of the most famous brands on the globe. Established in 1923 the company is now being based in Moscow in Sheremetyevo international airport. In 2006 Aeroflot became first Russian aviation company to join global SkyTeam alliance. Integrated flight network of the alliance combines 841 destinations in 162 countries around the world. This ensures ultimately unlimited traveling opportunities for all Aeroflot' passengers. Aeroflot' clients may enjoy all frequent flyer and bonus programs of the alliance partners. More information is available on www.skyteam.com.

Aeroflot is the one and only IOSA safety standard certified aviation operator in Russia. On-line booking may be accomplished and paid on www.aeroflot.ru.

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