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Company News

09 November 2010

Aeroflot celebrates the 15th anniversary of the first regular flight to Novosibirsk

November 9, 2010, Novosibirsk. Today JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its Novosibirsk office and the start of regular flights to Novosibirsk. Representatives of the leading Russian airline, Novosibirsk regional government members, aviation officials and Tolmachevo airport workers took part in the celebrations.

The Novosibirsk office was the first representation of the company opened on the territory of the Russian Federation after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The decree was passed in February 1995, the office was registered in April and the first Moscow – Novosibirsk flight was on November 9. Currently Aeroflot has three daily passenger flights on the course and from 8 to 10 cargo flights a week. This year it is planned to carry about 90 000 passengers and approximately 400 000 tons of mail and cargo.

Aeroflot has played a crucial role in the development of Novosibirsk as a strategic kernel port. The history of Tolmachevo airport starts with the first TU-104 flight to Moscow on June 12, 1957. Just recently, on September 25, Airbus А320 of Aeroflot Russian Airlines was the first to land on the number two new runway of Tolmachevo airport thus putting it into commission.

The start of regular Aeroflot flights 15 years ago was a landmark event for Western Siberia thus fostering its socio-economic development. The huge company with a broad tariff network and high quality service entered the vast region. During these 15 years a lot has been done to create and develop a system of agencies selling passenger and cargo flights, to improve sales results and to increase the amount of work completed. The Novosibirsk office is one of the leaders in performance results within JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines. Aeroflot offices have been opened on the territory of Western Siberian region in Omsk, Barnaul and Kemerovo with the assistance of the Novosibirsk office staff.

Novosibirsk plays an important role in the Aeroflot national carrier strategy. Aeroflot, the leading Russian airline, considers development of an internal route network to be a top priority and intends to take the first place in terms of the volume of domestic flights among Russian airlines.

Aeroflot is a leading air transport company in Russia as well as a member of SkyTeam, a global airline alliance. The cumulative network of routes comprises 898 destinations in 169 countries of the world. In 2009 Aeroflot transported 8.755 ml people while the Aeroflot Group of Companies transported 11.1 ml.

Aeroflot came first among European members of SkyTeam in the quality of its passenger service in economy class on short and medium range flights and in business class on long haul flights. The leadership of Aeroflot was established based on the SkyTeam Onboard Survey over the period of April – September 2009.

Aeroflot is one of the 25 leading world airlines in terms of financial and economic activity in 2009 (operating and net profit), according to the Air Transport World magazine.

Aeroflot was the first Russian carrier to enter the IOSA registry and has kept up the standard ever since. The airline has been successfully audited in terms of its compliance with the ISAGO safety requirements for ground operations. The company complies with ISO 9001:2000.

Aeroflot has one of the youngest aircraft fleets in Europe comprising 102 planes. Aeroflot headquarters are in Moscow in the international airport Sheremetyevo. For more information see www.aeroflot.ru.

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