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Company News

03 November 2010

About the bidding results summed up in October, 2010

According to the results of the open bidding summed up in October 2010, JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines recognized the following organizations to be the best in:

  • maintaining the off-site heating systems and water supply system of the office on Mezhdunarodnoe Shosse 31, bl.1, Moscow (bidder - CJSC Institute of Economy and Business);
  • developing preliminary project proposals for the reconstruction of the warehouse complex of the purchase department of the JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines (bidder - LLC Construction company Eikon Stroi);
  • rendering services of liquid waste recycling from platforms of Sheremetyevo (bidder - CJSC Promvodocanal);
  • fire prevention on JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines at Dosflot Proyezd, 2, bl. 2, Moscow (bidder - LLC SMK-165);
  • choosing the suppliers of souvenirs (folders, notebooks, plastic bags and flash-cards) (bidder - LLC Catalogo);
  • recycling and disposal of oily waste, tanks from paint-and-lacquer materials, fuels and lubricants (bidder - LLC Waste Disposal) and in rendering the services of recycling and disposal of tires (bidder – the non-profit organization the Rational Nature Management Fund);
  • visualizing the Aeroflot subsidiary companies’ brands and the former Russian Technologies State Corporation airlines to be incorporated (bidder - LLC Factory);
  • repairing Carrier30 RW-275-0132-PEE refrigerating unit, ventilation system and central conditioning system (bidder - LLC ClimArt).

Yours faithfully,
D. Yu. Galkin, head of the Bidding Commission of JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines