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Company News

14 March 2008

Aeroflot introduces uniform service ...

Moscow, March 14, 2008

JFC Aeroflot has introduced standardised airport services for passengers with physical impairments that meet international requirements. The standard ensures a high degree of comfort and safety, as well as consistent quality of these Aeroflot services. It will be instrumental in establishing a system for organising services for passengers with disabilities onboard the aircraft.

Passengers who want to fly in this category will be asked about their degree of invalidity, capability of movement and need for oxygen bottles in the course of booking. They may also avail themselves of the medical centre's services and have somebody accompany them during travel. Passengers with severely impaired eyesight who are dependent on a guide dog are allowed to bring the animal into the passenger cabin free of charge. During the flight the dog must be leashed at the passenger's feet and wear a muzzle. The passenger must carry a document to prove the dog’s training as a guide dog.

Passengers and their accompanying persons will be cleared at the medical centre immediately prior to boarding and following completion of all flight document formalities.

Passengers with physical impairments will be accommodated in the first row of seats in the passenger cabin. Their seats will be reserved in advance by Aeroflot staff. Six seats will be reserved for passengers requiring a stretcher (three rows with two seats each); handicapped persons in need of a wheelchair will have one seat reserved, their wheelchair will be checked in as luggage labelled "Special Assistance".

Power supply will be provided on board the aircraft for passenger requiring life-sustaining equipment.

Passengers travelling on a stretcher will be attended by officials from the medical centre and have their documents checked by border control officers on board the aircraft upon arrival. They will subsequently be taken to the medical centre by special transport. Customs control will take place in the medical centre in the presence of the passenger and a customs officer. For passengers not requiring the medical centre border control will be handled on board the aircraft. Their luggage as well as that of their accompanying person will be handed to them in the arrivals hall.

For the full text of the standard "Services for Passengers with Handicaps" please visit the Aeroflot internet site www.aeroflot.ru.