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Company News

28 March 2008

Tu-134 for sale

In December 2007 Aeroflot has put its Tu-134 out of action. Nine of these airplanes will continue to serve with Aeroflot subsidiaries „Aeroflot Don“, „Aeroflot Nord“ and „Aeroflot Plus“.

Five more airplanes will be open for purchase; a public bid will be conducted. The terms of the bid will be available shortly at www.aeroflot.com/aeroflot.ru as well as at other aviation related sites.
Said airplanes where constructed in the years 1979-1981 and are in possession of valid certificates.

Technical characteristics Tu-134:
Seating capacity: 68 passengers
Cabin diameter: 2.9 m
Length: 37.1 m
Wingspan: 29.0 m
Height: 9.02 m
Max. take-off weight: 46.6 t
Max. payload: 8.2 t
Cruise speed: 850-900 km/h
Range: 2,000 km

In civil aviation, the jet planes Tu-134 are in service for already 40 years. The Tu-134 had its first flight in 1963; it operated under the name of Tu-124A. In 1965 the aircraft was designated its present name and a year later serial production started at Kharkov. Altogether, 852 jets with various modifications have been assembled.

As it was designed for short and medium haul flights the TU-134 was used on flights in Central and Eastern Europe. In recent years Aeroflot has used the jets for domestic flights inside Russia as well as to the CIS, to Northern Africa, to the Middle East and to Southeast Asia.

In the history of Aeroflot more than 600 Tu-134 were put into service, which have carried 7-9 % of the total number of Aeroflot’s passengers.

Technical maintenance und constant modernisation has been undertaken by Aeroflot. In total the Tu-134 have proved themselves in more than half a million flying hours and 250,000 landings.
The Tu-134 has been rated highly reliable in terms of the efficiency and reliability index K1000.
During its term there were no serious accidents recorded.