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Company News

07 July 2008

The million electronic ticket is bought

On July, 5 the million Aeroflot's E-ticket was bought by the citizen of Krasnoyarsk - Sergey Proskurin. In commemoratiom of this event our gift - the laptop was handled over to the winner on July, 16. Under the "happy" ticket Sergey will take flight on a route Krasnoyarsk - Moscow - Krasnoyarsk. The winner was defined with the counter server of Aeroflot. 




Dear Sergey!


According to our system of booking you - became the million passenger who has bought the electronic ticket of Aeroflot.  Please, accept our congratulations and the memorable gift - new laptop, which can help you to be always online with us.

Aeroflot has consistently been engaging the electronic ticket technology in Russia for some years. We are proud that Aeroflot has resulted E-ticket to Russia. Our main stimulus in this process - convenience of our passengers, which you have already estimated, having got our million E-ticket.  


 I wish you good luck and new flights with Aeroflot!



                                                                                    General director of Aeroflot

                                                                                                                     Valery Okulov