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Company News

14 July 2008

New A321 among Aeroflot’s fleet

New among Aeroflot’s fleet: the Airbus A320 «I.Krusenstern»


Aeroflot Russian Airlines has put a new Airbus A320 into operation. It is the seventeenth airplane of this type among her fleet. The aircraft has been named in honour of the famous Russian navigator, captain of the first around-the-world expedition and one of the founders of the national institute of Oceanology, Admiral Iwan Fjodorowitsch Krusenstern.

This very year Aeroflot receives eight brand new airplanes of the type A320. Currently there are 38 Airbus A320 among Aeroflot’s fleet, of which eleven are A319, 17 are A320 and ten are A321. All aircraft are configured for Business Class as well as Economy Class, the A319 featuring 116 seats, the A320 140 seats and the A321 170 seats. They are flying to Russian and European destinations. Aeroflot’s current fleet makes her on of the leading airlines in the world regarding safety and actual flight hours.


The Airbus A320 is one of the best aircraft on mid-haul routes and meets all demands concerning safety, reliability and comfort of passengers.