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24 September 2010

Aeroflot meets with elite participants of the ‘Aeroflot Bonus’ programme

September 24, 2010, Moscow – On 23 September, top managers of ‘Aeroflot’ met in ‘Safisa’, a palace for special events, with members of the ‘Aeroflot Bonus’ programme. The event was attended by holders of GOLD (supreme) class cards who have gathered each no less than one million of qualification miles during participation in the programme. More than 500 guests were invited. The event was hosted by the popular TV showman Andrey Malakhov.

The guests were greeted by Vladimir Antonov, deputy director-general for production, Vadim Zingman, deputy director-general for customer services, Andrey Kalmykov, deputy director-general for commerce, Anatoly Yakimchuk, deputy director-general for flight operations, Vladimir Smirnov, deputy director-general for procurement, and Evgeny Sidorov, director of the ‘Aeroflot Bonus’ programme.

Chulpan Khamatova was a special guest of the event. The famous actress and founder of the ‘Podari Zhizn’ (Give Life) fund welcomed the guests and announced the start of a charitable auction in which award miles were donated. Ten paintings of children sponsored by the ‘Podari Zhizn’ fund were exhibited. The paintings were rapidly acquired by the guests in exchange for a record-setting amount of miles, around 700,000. The donated miles will be used for carrying children to medical institutions for treatment.

“In cooperation with the Fund, Aeroflot implements the ‘Mili Miloserdiya’ (Charity Miles) programme that is saving lives to children under our care. Over 400,000,000 miles have been raised during the years of cooperation. The miles were used to purchase tickets to 1,500 patients. Owing to Aeroflot, children from the most remote regions of Russia can now go to medical treatment to any country on the globe. Also, owing to your support, doctors can now transport organs for transplantation. This help is invaluable for us. On behalf of doctors, children, and their parents, I am saying ‘Thank you’ to all of you,’ said Chulpan Khamatova closing the auction.

Next, special prizes were awarded by Aeroflot to winners in the following nominations: ‘Largest total cost of Aeroflot tickets collected during the entire time of participation in the programme’, ‘Largest total number of business-class flights during the entire time of participation in the programme’, ‘Largest total number of qualification miles collected during the entire time of participation in the programme’, and ‘Largest total number of qualification miles collected in 2009’. The winners were awarded with gifts from Aeroflot and partners of the ‘Aeroflot Bonus’ programme: the programme’s GOLD cards valid until 2022 and free business-class tickets and lodgment for two persons in exquisite hotels in Greece and Maldives.

The festival for Aeroflot’s most valuable passengers ended with congratulations from Sergey Mazaev and a concert of the ‘Moralny Kodeks’ (Moral Code) group. Sergey Mazaev, an elite member of Aeroflot’s bonus programme, said in his speech that Aeroflot’s business class is No. 1 in the world.

Aeroflot will now arrange similar meetings of the company’s top managers and the elite members of the ‘Aeroflot Bonus’ programme annually.

Aeroflot, a leader of Russia’s air fleet, is a member of SkyTeam, the global airline alliance. Aeroflot’s overall flight network comprises 898 locations in 169 countries. In 2009, 8.755 mln passengers used Aeroflot’s services and 11.1 mln used the services offered by the Aeroflot group.

Aeroflot was the winner in the contest between European members of SkyTeam in serving economy-class passengers in short- and medium-range flights and business-class passengers in long-range flights. “Onboard Survey,” the marketing survey conducted by SkyTeam from April to September 2009, confirmed Aeroflot’s leading positions.

Aeroflot belongs to 25 leading airlines of the world according to Air Transport World journal, based on the results of its financial and economic activities in 2009 (“operating profit” and “profit margin” categories).

Aeroflot was the first Russian carrier to be included in the IOSA operator registry and it continues to confirm the certificate in a regular way. The airline has successfully passed the Safety audit for ground operations (ISAGO). Aeroflot is a holder of the unified certificate of compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Aeroflot operates one of the youngest air fleets in Europe that consists of 91 aircraft. Aeroflot’s hub is Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow. For more details please visit www.aeroflot.ru.

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