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Company News

14 September 2008

A Boeing-737 belonging to Aeroflot-Nord crashed today at the airport of Perm

A Boeing-737 belonging to Aeroflot-Nord crashed today at the airport of Perm. The Aeroflot Nord passenger flight was flown under a combined service agreement with Aeroflot. Flight SU-821 was on its way from Moscow to Perm in eastern Russia. Aeroflot Nord is a subsidiary of Aeroflot which operates flights domestically within Russia.

Radio contact with flight SU821 was lost at 1,100 metres as the plane was descending for its landing at Perm; at the same time the plane’s signal was lost on air traffic controllers’ displays. Wreckage of the plane has been found within the boundaries of the city of Perm. The plane was totally destroyed and had caught fire.

The Boeing -737 carried 82 passengers including 7 children as well as 6 crew from Archangelsk. There are no survivors. Among the victims there are: 8 people from Azerbaijan, 6- from Ukraine, 2- from France, 1- from Сhina, 1- from Latvia, 1- from Germany, 1- from Turkey and 1- from Italy, 1 from - Uzbekistan, 1 - from Belorus.

Search and rescue operations are being conducted at the crash site.

Aeroflot has set up a crisis centre to respond to this crash and is co-operating with all national and local authorities in the investigation.

Aeroflot, in compliance with Russian legislation, shall fulfil all the airline’s passenger direct insurance risk obligations.

Aeroflot - Nord had insured the Boeing -737 which crashed today. As the flight was flown as part of a combined air services agreement with Aeroflot, Aeroflot is responsible for passenger insurance and can confirm that it is insured for passengers’ liability.

Aeroflot is fully prepared to pay the mandatory insurance compensation amounts. Liability shall amount up to 2 million roubles for each passenger who died in the incident.

For additional information call: +7 (800) 333-5555, +7 (495) 223-5555, tel. in Perm +7 (8342) 2949848