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Company News

15 September 2008

The statement on insurance payment



September 14, 2008. Aeroflot would like to express its most sincere condolences to the victims' family members. The company hereby announces that any claims for damages can be submitted directly to Aeroflot or the insurance company "Moskva". The submitter is obliged to furnish proof of being entitled to compensation.

Contact data:

JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines, 125167 Moscow, Leningradsky p., 37, korp.9.  Department of Risk Management
Phone: +7 (495) 903 92 06, 155 67 85
Fax: +7 ( 495) 155 67 85
e-mail: drm@aeroflot.ru

JSC "SK Moskva" 125167 Moscow, Leningradsky p., 37A, korp. 14/1
Phone: +7 (495) 787 50 60 / 61

The Boeing B737 that crashed on September 14, 2008 is an aircraft of "Aeroflot Nord". Relevant insurance, including the airline's liability insurance, has been taken out with the insurance company "Moskva".
In compliance with the RF Aviation Code, the following persons shall be entitled to compensation:
a) Citizens who are entitled to compensation in the case of their breadwinner's death in compliance with the Civil

 - persons incapacitated for work who received their sustenance from the deceased or were entitled to receive sustenance from the deceased on the date of his death;
- child of the deceased born after his or her death;
 - one parent, spouse or another family member, independent of his or her respective ability to work, who is not gainfully employed and takes care of the children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters of the deceased who are under the age of 14 or who are 14 years of age but require permanent care for health reasons (official proof) for the sustenance of whom the deceased was responsible;
- any dependants of the deceased who became incapacitated for work within a period of five years following the death of the deceased;
- one parent, spouse or another family member who is not gainfully employed and takes care of the children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters of the deceased and who becomes incapacitated for work within the care period shall remain entitled to compensation after his or her period of care for these persons has ended.
b) If there are none of the persons mentioned above, the parents, spouse, children of the deceased passenger.
c) In case of death of a passenger without independent income, the persons supporting him/her.
The claims by the aggrieved parties as well as the amount of insurance benefits will be processed and determined in accordance with the RF legislation.

The insurance company "OJSC Moskva" is prepared to accept and process compensation claims without certificates proving the death of passengers of the crashed aircraft.
Please note that is imperative to attach a copy of a document proving the identity of the applicant and, as far as possible, further documents certifying the applicant's right to insurance payment to the claim.
If appropriate amendments to RF legislation are made (adoption of a regulation on obligatory third-party liability insurance for transport companies by the RF government), the insurance company OJSC "SK Moskva" shall have the right to request submission of a death certificate from the beneficiary for the compensation payment.
With regard to the commensurability of insurance payments in case of several beneficiaries as laid down in the RF Aviation Code, we strongly recommend to submit claims as soon as possible and to later hand in any further required documents.

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