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17 September 2008

Results of Aeroflot's board of directors'

Results of Aeroflot’s board of directors’ meeting

Moscow, 17th September 2008: “Aeroflot Russian Airlines’” board of directors received the results of the first half of 2008 at the scheduled board’s meeting.

Revenue in the first half of 2008 amounted to 42,976.6. mio RUB (1,797.76 mio USD), which equates to an increase of 39.4 % compared to last year. Expenses in the operational area were 41,110.6 mio RUB (1,718.0 mio USD). Due to rising prices of kerosene, which were 21.3 % above the budgeted amount, Aeroflot had to manage additional costs of 2,710. mio RUB (113.4 mio USD). After-tax profit was 2,252. mio RUB (94.5 mio USD).

The board of directors deliberated on the disposal of three „Aeroflot Russian Airlines“ owned cargo planes MD-11 to Aeroflot Cargo, as well as on sureties for these airplanes, which Aeroflot had leased from „Boeing Capital Leasing Limited“. Moreover it was recommended to approve the disposal and surety at the extraordinary general meeting, which is going to be held on 11th October 2008.

Furthermore, the shareholders’ candidates for the board of directors were announced, which are going to be elected at the general meeting in October.

The following candidates were nominated as members of the board:

Aleksashenko S.V. – CEO of „Merill Lynch Securities“;

Androsov K.G. – deputy of the Chairman of the Russian government;

Dmitriev V.A. – CEO „Vneshekonombank“;

Levitin I.E. – transport Minister of the Russian Federation;

Nikitin G.S. – deputy of the Chairman of „Rosimuschcestvo“;

Sharonov A.V. – CEO of the investment company „Trojka Dialog“; 

Lebedev A.E.  - CEO of „NRC“; 

Danilitskij A.A., CEO of „NRC“;

Dushatin A.A.  - first deputy of the  chairman of  "NRC"

Kanishchev A.A. chairman of „Aeroflot Nord“;

Voloshin A.S., consultant of the presidential executive office, member of the board of directors „FSK EES of the Russian Federation“, INTER RAO EES, MRSK Holding;

Okulov V.M. CEO of „Aeroflot Russian Airlines“;

Antonov V.N., first deputy CEO of „Aeroflot Russian Airlines“.

Kopeikin M.I., deputy of the chairman of the Russian government;

Ignatenko V.N., CEO of ITAR TASS,

Kazmyn I.A., CEO of FGUP „Pochta Rossii“ (Russian post);

Yurgens I.Y., member of the Russian Industrialists’ Association, chairman „RenesansKapital“;

The list of candidates, which has been approved by the board of directors, consists of 17 persons. The eleven candidates counting the most votes are going to be elected to the board at the extraordinary general meeting on the 11th October 2008.