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Company News

17 September 2008

Aeroflot takes measures to improve its brand

Aeroflot takes measures to improve its brand

Moscow, 17th September 2008: OJSC «Aeroflot Russian Airlines» deprives its aviational subsidies of the right to use «Aeroflot» within their brand name. This implies changes to the companies’ word brands and figurative brands.

The action serves as a security measure to minimize risk to the brand «Aeroflot», which is, with its long history, among the most established brands in Russia and worldwide.

Aeroflot assumes its brand to be a guarantee to its passengers for an excellent product with international quality as well as safety standards.

The measures have been taken to clearly identify «Aeroflot» as a high quality airline, as a reliable partner for its passengers, and as the Russian market leader as well as one of the world’s leading airlines.

Despite these measures, Aeroflot will continue commercial and operational cooperations with its subsidies as part of the joint development strategy.