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Company News

18 September 2008

In ten years, Aeroflot has flown 1 million passengers to Samara

In ten years, Aeroflot has flown 1 million passengers to Samara 

Moscow, 18th September 2008: It is exactly ten years ago that Aeroflot started its first scheduled flight from Moscow to Samara. The Samara office also celebrates its tenth anniversary. Samara and the region surrounding it record fast growth especially in the aerospace industry.

From this follows a regular demand for connections between Moscow and Samara. By flying daily, Aeroflot offers to the residents of Samara and the surrounding region safe and continuous flight connections. This route also was the first to have introduced the electronic ticket.  

Currently, Aeroflot is flying the route Moscow-Samara (SU 831/832, SU 835/836) on a Tu-154, which will soon be replaced by an Airbus. In 1998, there were 40,000 passengers; the year 2007 already saw 120,000. Seat utilisation is constantly at approximately 80 %, making the route also one of the most profitable for Aeroflot.  

Within the last ten years one million passengers and 2,500 tons of cargo have been carried.