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Company News

10 November 2008

The «Inflight Entertainment Group» ...

Moscow, 10th November 2008: JSC «Aeroflot Russian Airlines» decided for the future to have all of its advertising space overseen by a single advertising agency. The following advertising areas are going to be assigned and administered: board magazines («Aeroflot», «Aeroflot Premium» und «Aeroflot Style»), audio-video programs, POS advertising and print media.

The «Inflight Entertainment Group», which has extensive experience in the areas of advertising and media, is going to be in charge of the above-named advertising areas.
Among the founders of the «Inflight Entertainment Group» are the publishing company «Sobaka», the full service agency «Solyd Ent.», the content provider «More», which is part of the IOTA group (Russia’s first WiMax provider), and other companies.

The single management strategy offers the following advantages to Aeroflot:
A more efficient way of advertising, strengthening of the Aeroflot brand, as well as an upgrade to international standards of information and entertainment programs for Aeroflot’s passengers.
Furthermore, Aeroflot will be able to accrue additional earnings due to these marketing measures.

The award of contract for advertising space is a further stage of the joint project with the publisher «SPN». The cooperation, which has been running for two years, has not only improved the board magazines but has also produced additional returns for Aeroflot.

According to Mr. Lev Koshlyakov, deputy general director and head of public relations, this decision was based on market analysis and international experiences.

Mr. Koshlykov pointed out: “At the moment, Aeroflot needs more efficient management of its media resources, which on the one offer new formats and potential to reach the target group effectively and on the other hand to improve Aeroflot’s performance and financial reserves in today’s economic hard times”.

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