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Company News

18 November 2008

Aeroflot activity results for the october and ten months of 2008

JSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines has summed up the results for the October and ten months of 2008.

In October 2008, the airline carried 774.4 thous. passengers (including 0.8 thous. passengers on its charter flights) and performed 2 bln 344 mln passenger-kilometres. Passenger load factor amounted to 72.4%, and commercial load reached the 60.4% mark in October.

Compared to activities in 2007, October saw growth of the following performance indicators: carriage of passengers increased by 12.4%, and passenger turnover increased by 11.9%. The amount of passenger carriage on international flights rose by 8.3%, while the amount of domestic flights increased by 20.3%.

Over the ten months of 2008, Aeroflot carried 7 mln. 913 thous. passengers and performed 23 bln 136 mln passenger-kilometres. Passenger load factor amounted to 71.8%, and commercial load reached the 57.0% mark.

As compared to the indicators in 2007, over the ten months there were the following increases in the indicators: passenger carriage volume rose by 14.6%, while passenger turnover rose by 10.9%.