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10 December 2008

The 1st liner A330 "E.Svetlanov"


December 10, 2008, Moscow. – Today the JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines” has had a grand meeting of the new airplane of the A330-200 family, transferred to the airlines in the Airbus factory in Toulouse on December 2nd. The aircraft traditionally received the name of Evgeniy Svetlanov, the prominent Russian conductor, whose 80th anniversary is celebrated this year. In the ceremony of meeting the new liner participated Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the JSC “Aeroflot” Igor Levitin, Director General of the JSC “Aeroflot” Valeriy Okulov, Andreas Kramer - Vice-President of Airbus in the Eastern Europe and Russia, Nick Deval - Executive vice-president of the Rolls-Royce customer support division and Nina Nikolaeva-Svetlanova - president of the international endowment fund of Evgeniy Svetlanov. Within the ceremony there was a concert of the State Symphony Orchestra named after E.F.Svetlanov in the hangar of the Aeroflot air-technical center.

The aircraft was received within the operational leasing transaction, concluded in March, 2008. The giver of the leasing is Wahaflot Leasing 1 Limited (Cyprus). By the end of this year Aeroflot is to receive one more aircraft of this kind, and by April, 2010, - all ten aircrafts, including five A330-200 and five A330-300.

Aircrafts A330 have flight range up to 12500 km, capacity 241 passengers and are operated by the leading international airlines. The planes are equipped with the Rolls-Royce Trent 772 engines.

The new liners arrive in Aeroflot in two class arrangements: 34 seats in business class and 207 seats in economy class. The airlines are equipped with the last generation Panasonic eX2 entertainment system, providing for large video monitors, from 9 to 16 inches, built in each armchair, with the multi-channel video-audio program. Each armchair is equipped with the satellite telephone. The business class has comfortable “cocoon” chairs. In the economy class cabin the spacing between the lines of chairs is enlarged for the most comfort of the passengers. 

According to Valeriy Okulov, Director general of the JSC “Aeroflot”, the A330 aircrafts will seriously strengthen the potential of the airlines on the long distance lines, will extend the participation on the strategic markets of Asia and Far East. “It concerns not only the considerable strengthening of the route network but also the new level of servicing passengers. Receiving the A330 we will offer a new product for the long distance routes, which will not only be competitive but will surpass the quality standards of the best international airlines. We have obtained this on the European routes, we will obtain it on the long distance ones as well”, - emphasized Okulov.

From December 3 to 17 the Aeroflot pilots jointly with the Airbus instructors will have three daily flights: Moscow – St-Petersburg - Moscow.

The timetable of the A330 flights in St-Petersburg is on www.aeroflot.ru

From December 22, the A330 will fly to Tokyo, and from January 1, 2009, - to Tokyo and Shanghai.