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Company News

07 April 2009

100-th Interline Partner with E-ticket


April 7 2009, Moscow. – Aeroflot activated e-ticket with its 100th interline partner, Luxair (Luxemburg). At the moment, Aeroflot has concluded 189 interline agreements.

Activating e-ticket with interline partners facilitates international business cooperation with partner-carriers worldwide, and is a part of the e-ticket implementation program in Aeroflot.

Aeroflot began introduction of the e-ticket with interline partners in the late 2006. The company’s first partner was Continental, and the first e-ticket was activated in March 2007. In 2008, the company concluded 63 more e-ticket interlining agreements with its partners.

Over the three months of this year, 8 e-ticket agreements with interline partners have been signed. By the end of 2010, the company plans to introduce the e-ticket with all its interline partners.

The percent of Aeroflot’s e-tickets in March was 67.66% (compared to 13.05% in March 2008). The total amount of e-tickets sold in the period from January last year to April this year was 3 852 062.

According to Sergey Kiryushin, deputy CEO and IT Director, e-tickets in Russia were legalized only two years ago, and Aeroflot had to catch up with the world’s leading carriers in terms of e-ticket introduction. Sergey Kiryushin stressed that today e-tickets are available for Aeroflot’s entire route network. “We are committed to the “e-based” cooperation with our partners and agents. On the whole, Aeroflot already is an e-company and ranges with the world’s leading airlines. At the same time, we are extensively developing electronic business systems, and first of all I am referring to the website WWW.AEROFLOT.RU" he said.