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Company News

07 April 2009

Testing new SVO-3 Terminal


April 7 2009, Moscow. – In April 2009, in accordance with the schedule, Aeroflot launched the Sheremetyevo 3 passenger terminal into test technical operation, which will continue until August 2009. In the first day, the terminal successfully operated five simulated Russian domestic flights.

The test operation will enable staff training, interaction fine-tuning and readiness check for all technological systems and people that are to be involved in the commercial operation of Sheremetyevo 3.   

From April to June, the company will be running the main tests of the terminal’s systems and facilities, where nominal passengers will be represented by the personnel of Aeroflot JSC and Terminal JSC, as well as volunteers. At this stage, basic equipment, information and maintenance systems will be tested. The Sheremetyevo 3 database has been added the flight schedule, the necessary software has been installed. Aeroflot employees from the passenger traffic management service, who will later be working at Sheremetyevo 3, are modeling the procedures of check-in, boarding and luggage handling in the real time. At the moment, five of the check-in counters and several of control units are operational to allow the entire workflow. At the initial stage of test operation, each testing session will employ over 50 workers, in May this number will be increased to 120 people.

The luggage handling system will be tested in May, for which purpose over 5,000 luggage units have been delivered and stored at the terminal. Beginning from July 2009, when the main tests start, over 350 employees will be working every day to prepare the launch of the passenger terminal.

In total, about 9,000 people, including the company’s personnel, contractors, consultants and trainers will be involved in the test operation of Sheremetyevo 3.

The Sheremetyevo 3 passenger terminal has an annual throughput capacity of 9 million passengers, with a prospective growth to 12 million people, area of 172,000 m2, apron area of 35 hectare, 22 adjoint and 10 remote parking areas. The Shreremetyevo terminals 2 and 3 are planned to have a joining walkway, which will create a high-capacity united connection hub. The project provides for integration with key transport arteries: the railway and the future high-speed Moscow – St. Petersburg motorway. For more details visit the website www.svo3.ru .