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Company News

03 July 2009

New regular flights to Dresden



July 3 2009, Moscow. – Today, JSC Aeroflot Russian Airlines opens a new regular Moscow – Dresden – Moscow line. All passengers departing today at 16:30 by flight SU103 from Moscow to Dresden or at 18:10 by flight SU104 from Dresden to Moscow, will receive Aeroflot Bonus Gold cards as a present from the company and will be able to celebrate their flight with a glass of champagne. The first flight departed with a load of about 70%, which proves the demand for this destination.

Throughout Aeroflot’s summer timetable’2009, the flight Moscow – Dresden – Moscow will be performed twice a week (on Fridays and Mondays) on an A319.

Germany was the first country to meet Russian regular international flights. On May 1 1922, the first international line Moscow – Konigsberg was opened, which was extended to Berlin in 1926. After the World War II, Aeroflot operated regular flights to the GDR. The air transport between the USSR and the FRG was opened on February 21 1872, with the Moscow – Frankfurt line. Regular flights Moscow – Dresden – Moscow were performed from 1972 through 1993 when the line was suspended.

Today Dresden is the seventh German city linked to Moscow by Aeroflot flights. Aeroflot performs 12-13 regular flights from Moscow to the destinations in Germany - Berlin, Frankfurt-am-Mein, Dusseldorf, Munich, Hamburg and Hannover, and now, Dresden. In 2008, Aeroflot flew 373,021 passengers between Russian and Germany.
You can buy or book tickets to Dresden at Aeroflot ticket offices and the website www.aeroflot.ru .