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Company News

01 October 2009

20 years in IATA


October 1 2009, Moscow – Aeroflot Russian Airlines JSC celebrates twenty years since entering IATA – International Aviation Transport. The decision to enter IATA was made in October 1989 in Warsaw, at IATA’s 45th General Assembly. Aeroflot became Russia’s first air carrier to enter IATA. Today, among IATA members are 15 carriers from the CIS including 6 Russian ones.

November 3 1992, a special Memorandum of Understanding was signed that certified Aeroflot’s IATA membership as the successor of the former Aeroflot which used to unite all the Soviet civil aviation. IATA also approved the templates of Aeroflot trademark and shipping documents.

Russia’s leading carrier, Aeroflot traditionally plays a great part in IATA’s global initiatives promotion in Russia. In 2006, Aeroflot became Russia’s first air carrier to obtain IOSA operator certificate having successfully passed IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit). The company’s entire air fleet has been certified to comply with IOSA standard. In 2009, Aeroflot for the third time confirmed its compliance with the new and stricter IOSA standards, and became Russia’s first carrier to successfully pass ISAGO (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations).

It is to a great degree owing to Aeroflot’s effort and persistence, that Russia opened a green street to the e-ticket technology as the key element of IATA’s initiative to straighten the air carriage procedure and implement new e-technologies in the industry. Aeroflot also contributed a lot in the last year’s full operational launch of the IATA BSP (IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan) in Russia. This project which will significantly raise air carriage sales efficiency has resulted from IATA’s strategic partnership with Aeroflot and VTB Bank.

Aeroflot also supports environmental initiatives of IATA, which aspires for making civil aviation a maximally clean transport, and driving hydrocarbon emissions to a close to zero level. The energy-saving program adopted by Aeroflot fully conforms with IATA’s ecologic strategy.
IATA’s member, Aeroflot can participate in discussion and adoption of the most important documents regulating the operation of the international air transport. Aeroflot traditionally represented in IATA’s administration. At IATA’s 65th annual General Assembly which took place in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) this June, Aeroflot’s CEO Vitaly Savelyev was elected to IATA’s board of governors for the period of 2009-2012. This is the first time that a Russian company’s director has been included in one of the key committees – the Nominee Committee, whose responsibility is to nominate candidates to the Board of Governors.

According to Vitaly Savelyev, Aeroflot has always played and is playing an important role in IATA’s activities, cooperating with the major air carriers within this organization. Aeroflot’s direct participation in IATA’s operation and administration will allow the company to become an active player in the aviation industry globally, take advantage of high environmental standards. 

IATA (International Air Transport Association) was established in 1945. It is headquartered in Montreal. Bringing together the world’s leading air carriers, the Association coordinates and represents the aviation industry interests in the areas such as  flight safety provision, flight operation, tariff policies, maintenance, aviation safety; it develops and publishes international standards, provides training and consulting services, and more.

Aeroflot has been IATA’s active player since 1989, and is represented in its Board of Governors.