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Company News

05 October 2009

Charity campaign "Train of Hope"


October 5 2009, Moscow. – On October 6, the participants of Russian national charity campaign ‘Train of Hope’, held by Radio Russia within the ‘Детский вопрос’ social project, are flying on Aeroflot’s flight to Krasnoyarsk where the campaign events are scheduled to take place. Aeroflot has provided the project members – potential adoptive parents of orphan children – with 35 free tickets for its flights to make this journey.

Aeroflot supports the campaign’s noble causes: to attract social attention of the society, business, executive and legislative authorities to the orphancy issue; to arrange for orphans and adoрtive parents-to-be to meet each other. In October 2008, participants of ‘Train of Hope’ for the first time took a plane to Irkutsk. Aeroflot provided potential adoptive parents with an opportunity to make a free flight. In April 2009 within this campaign, Aeroflot gave 30 free tickets for Moscow – Novosibirsk – Moscow line to help adoptive parents.

This Krasnoyarsk ‘Train of Hope’ marks 10 years of the campaign – its first jubilee. This year’s journey is organized for nine families planning to adopt children from Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Chelyabinsk, Pushkin, and other cities.  

The social programs hosted by Aeroflot include the annual campaign for the Great Patriotic War veterans ‘Places of the War Glory’; cooperates with medical institutions to carry children to clinics abroad; continues the ‘Mercy Miles’ charity program together with the ‘Give Life’ foundation; provides support to artistically gifted children in cooperation with Vladimir Spivakov’s International Foundation. Aeroflot also supports various festivals of Russian culture held abroad, and collaborates with Tchaikovsky’s Moscow State Conservatory. 

The company’s social activities are conducted in a consistent and systematic way and are based on complex socially oriented programs.