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Company News

21 October 2009

Charges in the sales offices

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Since October 21 2009, Aeroflot has introduced a carrier surcharge for automated booking system services provided to passengers in the amount of:

·         2.70 Euros for each flight segment booked on Aeroflot’s own and marketing (code-shared) regular flights.

* The surcharge is refunded if a passenger refuses carriage services and returns a ticket.

Since November 24 2008, surcharges have introduced for air ticket issuing, reissuing or return at Aeroflot’s own sales offices in Moscow, and since December 01 2008 – on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Since February 17 2009, the following surcharges have been introduced (RUB):

·          RUB 800 for international air carriage;

·          RUB 350 for domestic carriage within Russia 

The surcharge introduction does not cancel the surcharge of 10 Euros for e-ticket conversion into paper.

The following surcharges apply to group carriage:

·         Up to 20 passengers - 50 Euros per group;

·         20 – 50 passengers - 100 Euros per group;

·         Over  50 passengers - 150 Euros per group.

* Payment shall be made in RUB at the rate as of purchasing date

The surcharge for air ticket issuing, reissuing and return at Aeroflot’s own sales offices outside Russia is:

·           25 Euros.

** Surcharges levied at Aeroflot’s own sales offices are not refunded, except for the cases when 100% non-used tickets are returned due to necessity.

*** The listed surcharges shall not apply to the reissuing or return of air tickets issued in Moscow before November 24 2008, and in other Russian cities – before December 01 2008.

**** The service surcharge for the return of tickets purchased at Aeroflot’s sales offices is not levied at the company’s sales office at 19 Yeniseyskaya st., (working hours of the return desk are 11:00 - 19:00).

**** The return of non-used air tickets purchased over the Internet is made without the surcharge at the Information and Booking Service: Moscow +7 (495) 223-5555,  Russia  8-800-333-5555, mobile (paid service) 0933.