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Company News

22 May 2002

Aeroflot and Russian Standard Bank to issue a joint credit card

On May 21, 2002 the open joint stock company Aeroflot - Russian Airlines and Russian Standard Bank close corporation announced about the market issue of plastic credit cards "Aeroflot - MasterCard" within the joint project. The agreement regulating these cards issue was signed in July 2001.

"Aeroflot - MasterCard" revolving (allowing use of recurring crediting) credit card is "MasterCard" system means of payment and "Aeroflot-Bonus" program participator card at the same time. Monthly repayment even of a part of the used credits (minimum payment) confirms the client's right for the future credit line use.

Any airline passenger aged 23 and registered in Moscow or in Moscow region for more than a year can become "Aeroflot - MasterCard" revolving credit cardholder. Getting the card every client receives also 500 "Aeroflot-Bonus" program greeting scores.

The "Aeroflot - MasterCard" card will allow the airline passengers not only to pay for shopping and services while traveling but at the same time accumulate bonus scores that can be used in future for free Aeroflot airline tickets. Every spent dollar (and also the ruble equivalent) will bring the cardholder 1 bonus score.

To get "Aeroflot - MasterCard" a passenger should just send to the Russian Standard Bank a written claim on giving a card.

"Aeroflot - MasterCard" is aimed at the new customer's line - frequently flying passengers who will get a comfortable payment means allowing to move conveniently and to go shopping.

MasterCard plastic means quality and safety guarantee for everybody in the world. "Aeroflot - MasterCard" new product presented by Aeroflot and Russian Standard Bank completely meets this conception.

The co-brand card issue is not the only joint Aeroflot and Standard Bank project. Since June 2001 there is a special program for the "Aeroflot World" tourist company clients according to which the Russian people have got for the first time a unique opportunity to be on vacation in credit.

About the card registration please contact the Russian Standard Bank Information Center Ph: (095) 744-00-44.