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Company News

21 May 2003

Aeroflot results for four months

May 20, 2003, Moscow. -There have been summed up the company's results of the work for April and four last months of 2003.

Activity capacity increased during four months of 2003 in comparison with the last year: according to passenger-kilometers - by 0.2% (5052mln passenger-kilometers were made), according to ton-kilometers - by 5.2% (ton-kilometers were made 633.9mln), according to carriage of passengers - by 4% (1.568mln passengers were transported), according to freight carriage - by 14.9% (34,000 tons of post and freight were transported).

Flight frequency achieved 95.1% in April. Luggage safety improved significantly. Aeroflot ranks second among the best air carriers in Europe according to luggage claims. The average amount of claims was 7.41 per 10,000 seats.

At the same time such emergency events as Iraq war and a-typical pneumonia threat affected the company's results for March-April, 2003. Income rates planned on the basis of the last year conjuncture were not achieved. The airline company's management takes urgent measures to reduce nonproductive expenses and capital investments.


Taking into account the situation on the market Aeroflot has introduced changes into the timetable for June, 2003:

  • Flight frequency to Peking is reduced (Su-571/572) - four times a week instead of seven times.
  • Introduction of the fourth flight a week to Shanghai from June 22 is cancelled. Flights to Shanghai will be made by less capacious B767 instead of Il-96 on the 2nd, 4th and 6th days of the week.
  • There will be three flights a week to Hong Kong by B767 instead of five flights. Released Il-96 will make flights on Sundays on the most demanded routes - to Dusseldorf and London.
  • The flight to Hanoi on the 2nd days of the week by Su-541/542 is cancelled.
  • Three flights to Toronto on June 3, 10 and 17 by Su-303/304 are cancelled.