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Company News

17 September 2003

Aeroflot summarized the results of competition for marketing conception establishment and chose advertising agency

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines summarized the results of the announced open competition among the leading advertising agencies for the establishment of new marketing conception of the airline company.

During the two-stage competition there was determined a partner for actualizing the future marketing campaign of Aeroflot Company. It is Media Arts FCB Advertising Agency that represents one of the largest advertising branch-net of the world Foote Cone Belding in Russia.

It is significant that in Aeroflot competition the leading agencies of Russia took part and the best creative forces of our advertising market were attracted to the development of the proposals. According to the results of the first stage there were chosen proposals of five companies that most answered technical tasks stated by Aeroflot: Moovy Media Arts FCB, Young & Rubicam, BBDO and Ark Thompson. Each company presented its proposal to the competition commission and Aeroflot executives; they demonstrated conceptual and creative developments of the future advertising campaign.

According to Yevgeny Bachurin, Aeroflot Commercial Director, “each proposal presented on the competition was remarkable for the originality of creative development and innovative approaches. However according to the unanimous opinion of the commission Media Arts FCB presented Aeroflot new brand better”.

Now Aeroflot and Media Arts FCB work out the project in detail and form the project team. The advertising campaign is to start at the end of 2003 and is to become a very important stage in two-year project of Aeroflot rebranding. Its goal is to change the airline company positioning. Aeroflot changes rapidly and it is interested these changes to be well accepted by passengers and the market. The key values of the new advertising campaign will be based on sincerity, cordiality, hospitality that stress cardinal improvement of Aeroflot service as well as its professionalism, exceeding expectations, the world class standards that symbolize the pride in the national airline company in Russia.