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Company News

14 October 2003

In Aeroflot Board of Directors

October 14, 2003, Moscow. – On October 13 the meeting of Aeroflot Board of Directors was held.

The Board of Directors decided to establish “Terminal” Affiliate Company with 200 million rubles authorized capital stock.

To carry out the project of the convenient terminal construction is urgent for Aeroflot development. Today the airline company has no opportunity for the dynamic development because the current terminal capacities are restricted.

Aeroflot strategic task is to increase air transport operations; to establish transit lines Russia-CIS–foreign countries and air-lift for the countries of South-Eastern Asia and the Far East.

This problem can be solved by means of new terminal that is to provide convenient changes of planes of home and international flights; this will enable Aeroflot to increase passenger flow up to 25% annually. The stable growth of demand for transport operations proves this decision to be realistic.

High service quality on land and in air is to be the airline company’s competitive advantage and this will attract more passengers.

Aeroflot invites Sheremetyevo International Airport and potential investors to participate in this project.