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Company News

15 December 2003

New uniform for aeroflot stewards

On December 15, 2003, a new uniform for Aeroflot stewards and pilots was demonstrated.

The new uniform was chosen according to the results of the competition where 11 leading Russian designers participated. Victoria Andreyanova, a Russian designer, high fashion association member, two “Gold mannequins” prize-winner, has won the competition.

New uniform designed by Andreyanova symbolizes Russian hospitality, cordiality and sincerity. Silver, dark-blue and orange colors prevail in the uniform. Dark-blue symbolizes succession of Aeroflot generations; silver is the color of sky, and orange means sunrise and sunset.

A complete uniform set for stewards consists of 19 items: two middle-length skirts, three blouses, a knitted waistcoat and jacket, trousers, a coat, two silk scarves, a raincoat with a hood, a topcoat, a broad woolen tippet, winter fur hat, an apron, neckerchief, tights, and leather gloves.

The uniform is made on the basis of European costume union cloth. It’s strong, uncreasable, hygroscopic and anelectric. The silhouette completely corresponds the business character of clothes that is to fit any figure.

Besides the uniform the Company’s accessories are to be designed: clips for ties, frames for badges, bags; all this is to be made in the Company’s orange-blue colors.

Aeroflot will start wearing this new uniform from March 2004.

Public Relations Department