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Company News

31 March 2004

Aeroflot opens new waiting room for business passengers in Sheremetyevo-1

A new waiting room for first and business class passengers of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines is to open tomorrow, on March 31, 2004, at 12-00 in Sheremetyevo-1 Terminal, the largest airport of Moscow.

Services of extra comfort waiting room functioning in Sheremetyevo-2 Terminal for Aeroflot passengers of international flights will be also offered for the passengers of flights inside Russia in Sheremetyevo-1 Terminal from now on. The partner of this contract is Aeropit Company that provides catering in the airport.

From March 31, 2004, first and business class passengers of the Aeroflot- Russian Airlines Company will get special vouchers at registration in Sheremetevo-1 with the information about an opportunity to use extra comfort waiting room. This paper holder can use all the services for passengers of extra comfort waiting room with no extra charge.

This room services mean advanced requirements to organizing rest for passengers, their food, individual services while waiting for the flight. The main peculiarities of this room are stylish design according to the European standards, comfortable furniture, a wide range of snacks and drinks, demonstration of films and programs at the client's option, diverse periodicals. Passengers waiting for the flight are allowed to smoke only in this room of Sheremetyevo-1 Terminal.

Making extra comfort waiting room the company managers were guided by the clients’ demands.

International Sheremetyevo Airport is still the largest airport complex in Russia keeping the leading positions according to the indicators of the total passenger carriages.

Aeropit Company is the catering service leader in Sheremetyevo Airport providing successful functioning of restaurants, cafes, bars and social objects in the airport. The company partners and clients are Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss Air and others.

Aeroflot is the largest airline company of the country that makes more than 60% of all the international regular flights to 88 points of 42 countries and more than 10% - on the home market to 26 cities of Russia. In 2003 the airline company transported 5.8 million passengers.