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Company News

26 May 2004

Aeroflot punished "Air Hooligans"

On May 25, 2004, during the flight SU 215 Moscow-Copenhagen of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines the crew stopped a fight between two passengers – Denmark citizens Peter Federik Sass and Alian K.Jorgensen on board of A319 airliner. Both passengers were in a state of alcohol intoxication.

On arrival in Kastrup Airport (Copenhagen) the pilot-in-command called the police aboard. According to international rules on measures to be applied to undisciplined passengers the police arrested the fight participants and took them to the police station where they spent the whole day.

There was no damage to Aeroflot airliner; SU 215 passengers’ safety was provided. SU 216 return flight Copenhagen-Moscow departed according to the schedule.

Sanctions according to Denmark Law and Tokyo Convention of 1963 will be applied to Danish passengers-infringers. These passengers were enrolled in Aeroflot-Russian Airlines list of “disturbing passengers”.