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Company News

27 May 2004

More than five thousand veterans took advantage of Aeroflot free tickets

Today Aeroflot-Russian Airlines traditional action was completed; this action was conducted from May 5 to May 27 in commemoration of the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War. It was a present for veterans. More than 5,000 veterans – front-line soldiers, fascist quondam prisoners, people who survived Leningrad blockade made Aeroflot free of charge flights to the cities of Russian Federation, Western Europe, CIS and Baltic countries where the airline company makes flights to. Last year 3,683 veterans used Aeroflot free tickets.

Information about the action “Combatant Friends Meeting” was distributed in proper time in all the regions of Russia where Aeroflot makes flights to. Beginning from March 11 hundreds of regional newspapers, TV programs announced about an opportunity of the free of charge flight for veterans. In Moscow 1426 veterans got free tickets in Aeroflot booking offices. In regional representative offices of Aeroflot there were issued 3576 air tickets: in Saint Petersburg – 1673, Kaliningrad – 220, Ekaterinburg – 155, Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky – 137, Vladivostok – 136, Novosibirsk – 135, Irkutsk – 118, Khabarovsk – 117, Krasnodar – 116, Murmansk – 88, Volgograd – 87, Chelyabinsk – 81, Ufa – 78, Omsk – 75, Nizhnevartovsk – 71, Sochi – 45, Perm -36, Samara – 35, Arkhangelsk – 31, Nizhny Novgorod – 28, Astrakhan – 27, Mineralnye Vody – 24, Rostov-on-Don – 17. Most veterans chose the flight to one of Russian cities where Aeroflot-Russian Airlines makes flights to.

Most action participants from Saint Petersburg preferred to visit European capitals: 745 veterans flew to Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Warsaw; veterans’ favorite city appeared to be Paris. In Saint Petersburg representative office veterans wrote in the guest book: “We thank cordially Aeroflot for care of us, veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Most of us could make no flight from the Soviet period. You made our dream come true – see a new country, new places, experience partially forgotten feelings. Thank you very much!”

The company is sincerely pleased a number of its May guests-veterans increases from year to year; Aeroflot made everything possible in order to make the flight a real holiday for every veteran.

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines conducted the action “Combatant Friends Meeting” four years running in commemoration of our country’s feat in the Great Patriotic War.

All RF citizens permanently living in Russia who are considered to be the Great Patriotic War participants according to the Federal Law “On Veterans” and also fascist quondam prisoners, people who survived Leningrad blockade could have privileges as the action participants.

The Soviet Union Heroes and Glory knights of three degrees had fringe benefits: if there were seats in first and business classes they were able to travel there without extra-pay.