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Company News

08 July 2004

Aeroflot crew handed over a hooligan to the police

Yesterday on Aeroflot flight Su-600 Seoul-Moscow one of economy class passengers, Belarus person, Sergey Sakhno born in 1973 made a row with a steward who tried to calm down a circus actor arriving from Korea.

Sergey Sakhno being alcoholic intoxicated started saying rude things to stewards, spit on the floor, threw tray with foods on the way between seats; then he was aggressive to business class passenger. Stewards who tried to calm down Mr. Sakhno orally offered him an unoccupied seat in the other apartment in order to localize a hooligan and provide normal flight conditions for other passengers. After aggressive threats and unquotable abuse Mr. Sakhno kicked one of stewards into his face. Chief Steward succeeded to fulfill the crew’s requirements and made Mr. Sakhno change his seat; the rest of his flight Mr. Sakhno spent isolated from other passengers. The crew had to reveal much tenacity to control the situation for Mr. Sakhno kept on behaving rudely: poured out coffee on the floor and drinks on stewards, tried to open the door and was saying rude things all the time.

When the plane arrived in Sheremetyevo Airport the police called by the captain waited for Mr. Sakhno. Now Sheremetyevo local police station officers hold an inquest and collect required information to start legal proceedings; this should be done within ten days according to the law. Mr. Sakhno had to give a written undertaking not to leave a place.

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines announces that it will never let any unpunished hooligan event aboard or before their flights. It also has the right to refuse transporting passengers in future who violate rules of civilized behavior; and it will assert their customers’ rights for comfortable and safe flight and protect its staff by all legal means from such inadmissible cases during the work.

You can find information about passengers behavior conduct aboard Aeroflot planes and preflight service on the company site www.aeroflot.ru.