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Company News

16 July 2004

Aeroflot improves baggage control quality

Summing up Aeroflot-Russian Airlines operating results for the first half of 2004 the Company Board estimated positively the work of Carriage Control Ground Complex on Passengers’ Baggage Processing.

Improving baggage control technology on Aeroflot flights during the first half of the year passengers’ claims reduced. In June, 2004, this indicator amounted to 5.08 claims per 10,000 carried passengers; it’s the best result within the last period. This indicator for 2003 was 7.5 claims per 10,000 baggage carriages.

According to Association of European Airlines calculation procedure a number of lost baggages per 1,000 passengers carried by Aeroflot amounted to 2.74 baggage carriages or 0.2% in 2003. During last six months this rate reduced and amounted to 2.56 so that Aeroflot has become now one of the leaders among European airline companies.