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Company News

23 July 2004

Aeroflot starts the Programm of Olympic Carriages

Today first sportsmen – the Olympic Games participants will depart to Greece by Aeroflot airliners. Su 291 flight Moscow-Athens (departure time from Moscow, Sheremetyevo-2 Airport, is 21-25, arrival in Athens is at 23-50) will carry Russian team on gymnastics to Greece. By the end of month, July 30 and 31, two more Olympic teams will come to Athens. Mass carriages of sportsmen to the XXVIII Olympic Games that are to take place in Athens (Greece) from August 13, 2004, to August 29, 2004, will start by Aeroflot regular flights from August 1; special charter program is to be made from August 8, and Olympic carriages will finish on September 1, 2004.

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines is traditionally an official carrier of Russian Olympic team.

In addition to seven regular flights a week Aeroflot introduces nine additional flights for the period of the Olympic Games. Aeroflot is to transport more than two thousand sportsmen, official delegations representatives and guests of the Olympic Games to Athens, and to deliver measurement special cargo by Boeing 777, A 310, A 319, A 320, Il 96 and Tu 154M. Aeroflot plans to carry more than five thousand tourists.

Russian fans will have an opportunity to make Aeroflot regular flights by Su 291/292 and Su 295/296 Moscow –Athens-Moscow; for Olympic carriages these flights will be made by more capacious airliners A 310 and Il 96 in three class apartments (first, business and economy classes).

In September Aeroflot will transport sportsmen-invalids, official delegation representatives and guests of Paralympic Games that are to take place in Athens too.