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Company News

24 September 2004

Presidents of Russia and France congratulated Aeroflot and Air France leaders and employees

The President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and the President of French Republic Jacques Chirac congratulated Aeroflot-Russian Airlines and Air France on 50th anniversary of establishing air communication between Moscow and Paris.

President Putin noted in his Appeal that the largest air carriers of two countries passed all the tests by the time contributing much to development of business relations between Russia and France: “This year there has been started the process of Aeroflot joining Sky Team Global Alliance, this was to a great extent a result of effective cooperation of the leading Russian airline company with Air France. Aeroflot complete participation in the global alliance is to become undoubtedly a significant event for the entire civil aviation of Russia, a particular and large-scale example of the Russian economy integrating the world economy system.

I’m sure that future mutually beneficial integration of experience and professionalism of Aeroflot and Air France is to meet the interests of our countries and nations.”

The President of French Republic Jacques Chirac said in his Appeal: “During fifty years of cooperation Air France and Aeroflot established really deep mutual relations. This fact is especially important because it helps French and Russian citizens visit our countries more often – every day seven flights in each direction connect our countries. This communication is naturally involved within our friendly relations uniting our countries and providing closer collaboration and interaction. In this respect Aeroflot decision to start negotiations on joining international aviation alliance Sky Team where Air France plays an important role is a significant step forward.”

President Chirac expressed his confidence that “the air bridge established by the companies is to be the basis of future Russian-French relations”.

Presidents of both countries wished much success to all Aeroflot and Air France passengers.