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Company News

14 October 2004

Aeroflot launches new image advertising campaign within its rebranding program

On October 15 new image advertising campaign “Sincerely Yours, Aeroflot!” is to be launched on federal TV channels. Besides TV the press and outdoor advertising are to be attracted. Considering this event as a stage of a large-scale program of Aeroflot rebranding Commercial Director Yevgeny Bachurin summed up its main results. Aeroflot brand values and mission that served as an engine of fundamental changes of the airline company’s product and service were deliberately worked out within this project carried out in the airline company since 2001.

The major elements of this work have become corporate colors, renewed logotype, new colors of planes, new uniform for the airline company staff, design of sales offices and booking offices and advertising material design. “All these novelties, however, would be imperfect without significant changes in management and style of work with passengers, in the airline company’s product”, said Mr. Bachurin. Since 2002 considerable internal work was carried out; its result was development and introduction of new standard of on-board service, concepts of maintenance and design of aircraft apartments, on-board systems of entertainment for passengers.

These changes are reflected in new slogan and logotype of the airline company. “Sincerely Yours, Aeroflot!” slogan conveys properly the airline company brand conception where care of passenger forms its basis. Aeroflot passengers took an active part in the slogan creation; they sent their versions on the airline company’s site. Aeroflot new logotype has some additional graphic elements - fluttering Russian flag (the same decorates Aeroflot planes tails) which embodies the airline company’s national identity and “smile” as a symbol of hospitality. Traditional elements of Aeroflot style, “wings” and “Aeroflot” signs well-known all over the world, have obtained new meaning in this respect.

Sincere smile reflecting the conception of relations with passengers forms the basis of the advertising campaign to be launched. It was developed by FCB MA Advertising Agency. Commenting the company’s creative conception FCB MA CIS President Ilya Slutsky said: “The world is the one we can see it. One sincere smile to us can change our mood and our ideas about the world. Smile is the reflection of positive experience passengers have communicating with the Airline Company and Aeroflot people.”

Analyzing results of rebranding work Yevgeny Bachurin notes that Aeroflot being the symbol of the civil aviation development in Russia is changing with the world around, and today it is an up-to-date dynamic and competitive company. “Aeroflot is the choice of million passengers, and our task is to make our passengers feel comfortable and safe”, stresses Mr. Bachurin.

Aeroflot–Russian Airlines is the largest Russian Airline Company. It was established in 1923. The state owns 51 per cent of its stocks. It controls 11 per cent of home and 39 per cent of international market of air carriages of Russia. There are 92 airliners in its fleet including 27 Airbus and Boeing of 2000-2004. Its headquarter is located in Moscow in Sheremetyevo Airport. It is going to build its own terminal Sheremetyevo–3 by 2007. Aeroflot makes regular flights to 108 destinations of 48 countries of the world. In 2003 Aeroflot transported 5.8 million passengers. Now it is among 25 top airline companies of the world according to its financial results.