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Company News

27 October 2004

The first stage of Aeroflot competition on purchasing short-haul planes finished

The results of the first stage of the competition on choosing suppliers of short-haul planes for Aeroflot have been summed up.

On October 26 the Commission on choosing jet planes of the regional class considered issues on proposals received. In the invitations to participate in Aeroflot Competition there were stated main technical terms concerning passenger apartment, crew cabin, all the equipment meeting today and future requirements of aviation authorities. On the whole, all the participants presented papers sufficient to carry out efficient comparative analysis and to make decision on prior proposal.

All companies-competition participants presented papers meeting the declared technical requirements. Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (RRJ75/RRJ95), Ilyushin Finance Co. (An-148) and Embraer Company (ERJ170/ERJ190) provided the most profound papers. According to flight safety proposals of Western participants (Embraer, Bombardier) are not sufficient enough for the airline company’s requirements. The aforementioned companies expressed their desire to discuss claims with Aeroflot and take measures to settle everything.

The Commission considered the first stage of choosing suppliers of regional class jet planes for Aeroflot to be over and decided to admit all the companies-participants to the second stage of the competition. The notifications are to be sent to the participants till October 29, 2004.

At the second stage financial terms of supply are to be discussed with the companies which planes meet technical requirements of the airline company to the utmost. The second stage of the competition and suppler selection will be finished in December, 2004, and contracts are to be made in the first quarter of 2005.