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Company News

15 December 2004

For Saving Passenger’s Life

December 15, 2004, at 6 a.m. in Tashkent Airport Boeing 777 of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines Company of Su 536 flight from Delhi to Moscow made unplanned landing because of bad health of a passenger-the Canadian citizen Caur Malkit. Probable diagnosis is preinfarction state.

During the flight a woman felt bad; first aid of stewards was of no result. The commander made a decision to make unplanned landing in sprite of restricted fuel quantity. The passenger’s state was becoming worse and worse, she was losing consciousness. After landing Mrs. Malkit was brought to the first-aid post at the airport where she was examined and emergency measures were taken. When a woman felt better she was transported to the city hospital ¹16 for further treatment. They contacted the passenger’s relatives in Delhi immediately, and her daughter and sister-in-law were provided with all the information required.

Within the force majeure situation of saving a passenger’s life the crew acted well coordinated professionally, Uzbek authorities responded on-the-fly to the commander's inquiry and provided overall help.

Canadian citizen was provided with Uzbek visa immediately and offered qualified medical care.

Aeroflot plane refueled started from Tashkent to Moscow at 8.25 Moscow time with 124 passengers aboard.