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Company News

24 December 2004

Aeroflot is certificated to make C–check maintenance of A320 planes

Aeroflot Air Technical Center (ATC) received Certificate and started independent C-check maintenance of A320 planes produced by Airbus Company. This is to increase efficiency of the air fleet use, reducing time of maintenance and decreasing expenses of planned maintenance of planes. Advanced technologies of servicing airliners of new types is to provide further ATC development of Aeroflot, the largest center of home and foreign aircraft maintenance in CIS. Switching on to independent servicing À320 planes has become available after French aviation authorities inspection.

In December 2 C-check were made for À319 and À320.

Beside a wide spectrum of Russian aerotechnics Aeroflot ATC has certificates and complete maintenance of foreign planes À310 è Boeing 737. Within the preparation for the work at planes of À320 types Aeroflot reorganized significantly its air and technical complex, trained engineers and aircraft mechanics on the basis of Lufthansa Technik, reequipped a number of departments and hangars.

From last August Aeroflot has a permanent certificate (earlier it required to be prolonged every year) for foreign aerotechnics maintenance according to PART 145 standard Aeroflot received after the complex technical audit of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) this June. At the moment Aeroflot has 18 planes of À320 type acquired within the air fleet restructuring. Average contract cost of C-check made once a period of 15 months amounts to no less than 250 000 dollars per a plane if some other companies in Europe make it.

Aeroflot Air Technical Center (ATC) today is:

-About 35 000 square meters of production space.

-More than 2 700 well-qualified employees including 1 715 – technical personnel trained in Russian and foreign companies-producers in Toulouse, Seattle and other cities.

-More than 3 000 unites of land machines and state-of-the-art equipment.

-Various opportunities to maintain operative and periodic forms of base planes of Il-96-300, Il-86, Tu-154Ì, Tu-134, Boeing 767 types. Aeroflot ATC switches to independent C-check of À320 planes produced by Airbus Company.

-Certificates according to Russian and international aviation authorities requirements were proved more than once as well as International Quality Certificate that is evidence of the world acknowledgement of high level of production management and quality of the works produced.

-More than 30 companies – constant customers and partners of ATC.

According to Aeroflot Technical Director Yury Belykh, certificate for À320 C-check indicates high level of organizing works on aircraft maintenance and the airline company’s technical personnel qualification.