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Company News

15 February 2005

Aeroflot has summed up its operating results for January 2005

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines operating results for January 2005 have been summed up.

In January 2005 the airline company carried 485 000 passengers (including 16 400 passengers of charter flights) and 9 800 tons of post and freight. There were made 1.615 billion passenger-kilometers and 204.5mln ton-kilometers.

Operating volumes have increased according to all indicators vs. the prior year and amounted to: according to passenger-kilometers – 108.0% (+119.4 mln pkm), according to ton-kilometers – 114.0% (+25.1 mln tkm), according to carriage of passengers – 109.1 % (+40 300 passengers), according to freight carriage – 125.7% (+1 929.9 tons).

Percentage of enplaned traffic amounted to 54.7% in January. Passenger seats’ occupation rate was 65.6%.

They have flown on all airline types on the whole by 15.9 % hours more than in 2004.

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