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Company News

24 February 2005

The Fourth International Chess Tournament AEROFLOT OPEN 2005 finished on February 23 in Moscow

The Fourth International Chess Tournament AEROFLOT OPEN 2005 finished in Moscow on February 23, 2005; it was held by Aeroflot Airline Company, Chess Federations Association and Tourism Committee under the Government of Moscow.

The tournament has become popular among chess players and now it is a good tradition. 673 chess players from 54 countries of the world participated in it: 162 international grand masters (including 19 women), 133 international masters (19 women), 68 FIDE masters (11 women) and 91 amateurs.

There was intense competition for leadership up to the very last minute. E. Sutovsky (Israel), А. Kharlov (Russia), V. Ivanchuk (Ukraine), V. Akopyan (Armenia), А. Motylev (Russia) scored the same number of points - 6.5 of 9. They won places from the first one to the fifth one in the aforesaid order. According to the additional indicators the grand master E. Sutovsky has become the winner.

The youngest participants of the tournament seven-year-old Elizaveta Chetina and Mikhail Timofeev were awarded with Aeroflot and Chess Federations Association prizes.

E. Sutovsky, the tournament winner, received the honorary right to take part in the next supertournament in German city Dortmund.

The awarding ceremony took place in the Golden Hall of Russia Hotel on February 23. Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, the sponsor of the competition, awarded winners with prizes and congratulated with their victory.