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Company News

13 April 2005

Aeroflot conduct the action “The Great Victory Anniversary” in May, 2005

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines announces the action “The Great Victory Anniversary” to be conducted from May 5 to May 20, 2005, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. For the fifth year Aeroflot is to provide thousands of veterans – participants of the Great Patriotic War, fascists’ quondam prisoners, people who survived Leningrad blockade – with an opportunity to make free of charge regular flight to any point of the Russian Federation or Europe (except Malta, Cyprus or Turkey) including CIS and Baltic countries.

In commemorative 2005 the action is conducted for the first time for all veterans and invalid veterans of the Great Patriotic War who live in CIS and Baltic countries including these countries’ citizens.

The festive action “The Great Victory Anniversary” is also for the first time for all veterans and invalid veterans of the Great Patriotic War who live in European countries (except Malta, Cyprus or Turkey) who are provided with 50% discount of the effective fares.

In 2004 more than 5 000 veterans were provided with Aeroflot free tickets; in 2003 - 3 683, in 2002 – 3 541, and in 2001 – about 3 000.

Travels within the action are to be registered from April 1, 2004, to May 20, 2004, inclusive; the period of the ticket validity is a month.

All RF citizens permanently living in Russia who are considered to be the Great Patriotic War participants according to the Federal Law “On Veterans” can become the action participants. Besides, quondam juvenile prisoners, veterans and fascist quondam prisoners who live permanently in RF will be able to travel free. All the afore-said persons are to be provided with free tickets in economy class. They pay just airport duties and other customs and duties according to the effective regulations.

Veterans who are the Soviet Union Heroes and Glory knights of three degrees will have fringe benefits: if there are seats in first and business classes they can travel there. At that higher class service can be obtained just in airport but without extra-pay.

Veterans, fascists’ quondam prisoners and blockade survivors who make a flight within the action “The Great Victory Anniversary” can be escorted with one person who is to depart and arrive by the same flights and days.

For the first time a person escorting disabled veterans of the 1st and 2nd groups who are RF, CIS and Baltic countries citizens are provided with 50% discount of any economy class fare (except for the period of ad actions like “Sale”). A person escorting any other action participant is provided as previously with 10% discount of any economy class fare (except for such fares like “Sale”). An escorted person can acquire a ticket simultaneously with the action participant’s air ticket in the same sales offices. If an action participant refuses to travel the escorted person is not permitted to travel.

Air ticket of the action participants and escorting persons are to be reserved just in Aeroflot representative offices in RF cities, CIS and Baltic countries (except Cyprus Turkey, Malta) where the airline company makes its own regular flights, and also in Moscow in Aeroflot central booking offices: Kuznetskays Str., 3; Pyatnitskaya Str., 37; Yeniseyskaya Str., 19.

You can get more detailed information about the action terms by multi-channel phone (095) 753-55-55, in Aeroflot ticket offices and representative offices.

Aeroflot traditional May action in commemoration of the Victory Day to remember our people feat of arms in the Great Patriotic War is conducted for the fifth year. We are sincerely pleased that according to the growing popularity of Aeroflot action and involving new partners into it more and more veterans and fascists’ quondam prisoners get an opportunity to visit their combatant friends and relatives, memorials and places of battles. Aeroflot’s gift to veterans is taken positively by the airline company’s employees, contributes to the personnel consolidation who can feel their belonging to a great good deal.