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Company News

21 April 2005

Aeroflot is to carry all passengers of Kaliningradavia

On April 21, 2005, Aeroflot-Russian Airlines is to make an additional flight Su1757 on the route Moscow-Kaliningrad to carry passengers of Kaliningradavia Airline Company who have tickets for this day. Departure time is 23.00(Moscow time) from Sheremetyevo-1. From Kaliningrad to Moscow Aeroflot plane (Su1758 flight) is to depart at 08.30 (Moscow time) on April 22.

From April 20, 2005, Aeroflot introduced additional flights for the route Moscow-Kaliningrad-Moscow to carry passengers of Kaliningradavia Airline Company which Aircraft Operator License was withdrawn temporarily according to the decision of Federal Transport Control Department. Aeroflot responded to FTCD and Kaliningradavia appeal, and now it provides carriages of all passengers who bought tickets of this airline company by regular and additional flights.

Aeroflot accept passengers who acquired tickets of Kaliningradavia and didn’t return them to carry all the passengers by regular (if there are seats) and additional flights from Sheremetyevo-1 on the route Moscow-Kaliningrad without extra charge.

Aeroflot makes four daily regular flights on the route Moscow-Kaliningrad-Moscow.

From May 1, 2005, the airline company is going to introduce the fifth daily flight. All flights are made by Tu-154 plane.

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