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Company News

18 June 2005

ENKA to be the general contractor for construction of Sheremetyevo 3

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines and JSC “Terminal” (100% daughter company of Aeroflot-Russian Airlines) have finished the assessment of the offers for the contract on construction of Air Terminal Complex (ATC) Sheremetyevo 3. The offer presented by “ENKA” was considered to be the best.

The tender on the general contractor selection was organized by the company ATC Bovis Lend Lease and held in accordance with the procedures established worldwide making it possible to choose the winner on an objective and transparent basis.

38 Russian and International largest Constructing companies selected from public sources have been attracted to the competition. The criteria for selection were the cost of construction, its duration, the schedule of funding, the quality of the technical offer, and the policy in security and environment protection.

In order to increase the receipts of the Russian Federation the contract will be concluded with 100% Russian daughter company of the winner with the provision of all guarantees.

It is planned to finalize the construction within 26 months and to put the Terminal in operation in autumn 2007.

ATC Sheremetyevo 3 will make it possible:

  • to strengthen Aeroflot-Russian Airlines and Sheremetyevo Airport competitiveness in international market, and to use the advantages of good location of Moscow;
  • to benefit to country image and to increase its investment attractiveness.
  • to obtain 9 billion rubles of taxes.

Actualization of the project will provide the people of the adjusted areas with:

  • several thousands new working places;
  • improvement of the social and economic situation in the region;
  • a stimulus for infrastructure development near the airport.

JSC “ Sheremetyevo International Airport”, Vneshtorgbank and Sberbank of RF confirmed their intention to participate in the project.

«Enka Insaat ve Sanayi A.S.» was founded in 1957 and is currently one of the largest contractors in Russia and in the world. For 20 years of its operation ENKA actualized 150 projects for the total amount of 4 billion USD. In addition to constructing ENKA is one of the largest investors into the spheres of retail trade and office buildings. ENKA is a public company with the stocks traded at Istanbul Stock Exchange. Its current capitalization is 3.5 billion USD.

Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow region is the largest international Airport of the Russian Federation. In 2004 it served 12.8 billion passengers or 38% of total air carriages in and about 47% of total volume of Moscow Aviation Center. Regular international flights are made from Sheremetyevo by over 40 International Air Companies and also by Russian and CIS air companies.

Aeroflot-Russian Airlines makes over 50% of international and about 40% of local passenger air carriages of Sheremetyevo Airport which is the main airport of the company.

For the time being Sheremetyevo Airport has two passenger terminals for serving local and international airlines (Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo 2), and also auxiliary aviation systems. The carrying capacities of Sheremetyevo 1 and Sheremetyevo 2 are 600-650 and 2100 passengers per hour respectively (in accordance with IATA norms). The capacities of the existing systems are fully utilized. In future due to growth of air carriages volume Sheremetyevo will face the deficit of carrying capacities (it is assumed to reach 2900 passengers per hour by 2010).

Estimation of possible scenarios of aviation systems development on the territory of Sheremetyevo Airport demonstrated that the most reasonable solution will be the construction of a new Air Terminal Sheremetyevo 3 with the carrying capacity of 3800 passengers per hour (arrival plus departure) or 2500 passengers per hour (arrival or departure) and auxiliary land and air facilities. The terminal will be constructed on the area adjusting to Sheremetyevo 2 terminal; Aeroflot has the right to lease it.

Bovis Lend Lease International Limited, a joint venture of two leaders of the world market was founded in 1885 in London by Bovis Company and by Australian Company Lend Lease having over 9000 employees, 70 offices in 30 countries of the world. Since 1992 Bovis Lend Lease operates in Russia and offers professional services in Project Management and Construction. In the last few years the Company started its operation also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Bovis Lend Lease is the leader in the sphere of Airports Construction. Beginning with January 2000 the Company worked at 15 projects of civil aviation with the total amount of 2.3 billion USD. The Company has accumulated wide knowledge in launching projects of the kind in the USA, Europe and Asia. Heathrow Airport in London (Project and Construction Management), Sidney International Airport reconstruction (Project Management, Projecting and Construction), expanding Barcelona Airport (Project Management), and construction of La Guardia Airport in the USA (Project Management and Construction) can be mentioned among the largest projects of the Company.

Beginning with 2001 Bovis Lend Lease is managing the project on construction of the third terminal in Sheremetyevo Airport.

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