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Company News

18 June 2005

Decisions of Aeroflot Open Joint-Stock Company shareholders annual meeting June, 18, 2005

Aeroflot Open Joint-Stock Company shareholders considered the problems on of agenda of the annual meeting which has taken place in June 18th of 2005 and approved the following resolutions:

1. To approve an order of the meeting, an order of voting, the structure of annual meeting's labor bodies.

2. To approve the annual accounts of the Company for 2004 year.

3. To approve the annual financial accounts including profit-and- loss report (income statement account) of the Company for 2004th fiscal year.

4. To approve allocation of profit, including dividend payment (declaration) and Company loss to 2004th fiscal year operating result.

5. To pay within the period from 20, June to 18, August of 2005 the annual dividend of Aeroflot Open Joint-Stock Company, summarizing the results of the 2004th fiscal year at the rate of 0.70 rubles per a share in cash.

6. To vote the following persons into Aeroflot Open Joint-Stock Company’s Board of Directors:

-    Okulov Valery Mikhailovich

-    Dushatin Leonid Alekseevich

-    Shablin Vladimir Nikolaevich

-    Butrin Mikhail Robertovich

-    Ivanov Viktor Petrovich

-    Antonov Vladimir Nikolaevich

-    Fedorov Aleksey Viktorovich

-    Tikhonov Aleksandr Vasilyevich

-    Kopeikin Mikhail Yuryevich

-    Uvarov Aleksey Konstantinovich

-    Grechukhin Igor Nikolaevich

7. To vote the following persons into Aeroflot Open Joint-Stock Company’s Auditing Committee:

-    Dunaikina Zinaida Nikolaevna

-    Mironova Vera Grigoryevna

-    Tarasov Aleksey Evgenyevich

-    Goryachev Vladimir Sergeevich

-    Galimov Nikolay Anasovich

8. To approve the HLB Vneshaudit Auditing Company as Aeroflot Open Joint-Stock Company’s PA for 2005 year.


Chairman of the meeting                                                                                             V.P. Ivanov

Secretary of the meeting                                                                                             Y.V. Sorokina