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Company News

22 August 2005

Aeroflot to take emergency measures to fulfill the obligations to the passengers…

August 22, 2005, Moscow – starting today the Chief Transport Inspector of Federal Service for Transport Supervision has suspended the operation of Ilushin 96-300 aircraft by Russian aviation companies. The decision is made in connection with some diagnosed construction and production defects allowed by the manufacturer of aviation technique in absence of effective measures to fix it.

This decision makes Aeroflot to suspend flight operation of six Ilyushin 96-300 aircraft which constitute 40% of the company’s long distance vehicles.

Despite the complicated situation Aeroflot is urgently taking all the measures to fulfill the obligations to the passengers. The crisis management group is established to provide emergency control of flight schedule and aircraft barn.

To accomplish the already scheduled transits the company has to use other types of aircraft and to change the regularity of flights on some of the long distance directions. To this end cooperation with partner-companies is intensified.

From August 22 flights to Delhi and Khabarovsk shall be made by Ilyushin 86 aircraft, to Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatskiy by Ilyushin 62 aircraft, to Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul by Boeing 767, to London and Nice by A 321-319, and to Geneva by A 320.

All flights to Hanoi and some flights to Beijing, Seoul, Toronto and Washington are canceled.

Aeroflot managers are absolutely convinced that the measures being taken by all the engaged parties will allow us to minimize the inconveniences to the passengers and company’s damage. After the defects are fixed the company will be able to renew the operation of Ilyushin 96 aircraft.

Aeroflot expresses the apologies to the passengers for possible inconveniences and guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations.

Detailed information on schedule changes due to the above decision could be obtained at www.aeroflot.ru and by phones:

(095) 753 – 55 – 55, (095) 752 – 90 – 73, (095) 753 – 81 –15.

Reference: Ilyushin 96-300 aircraft

Ilyushin 96-300 – long distance wide-glider passenger aircraft produced by Voronezh Aviation Manufacturing Corporation (VASO).

The project developed in 1978. Regular operation began in 1993. Ilyushin 96-300 is designed to carry passengers, luggage, mail and cargo loads on the airlines of up to 11000 km distance. Totally 13 vehicles are in operation, two are operated by GTK “Russia”, six are operated by Aeroflot and five by other Russian companies.


Wingspan, m                           60.10

Overall length, m                      55.30

Overall height, m                      17.50

Wing area, m2                          2 391.6

Weight, kg                  

            empty                          117000

            take-off maximum        250000

Engine                                     four TVD Solovyev PS-90A

Draught, kgs                            4x16000

Cruising spee, km/h                 900

Crew                                       4