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07 October 2005

Open society "Aeroflot " and federal state unitary company "Mail of Russia" have signed the contract on mail transportation

Moscow, October, 7th, 2005. - Today the director of the freight traffic department of Open Society " Aeroflot - Russian airlines " Andrey Goryashko and the director of the Main Center of mail transportations of Russia (the branch of Fedral State Unitary Company" Mail of Russia ") Olga Vasilyeva have signed " the Contract on transportation of mail by air transport on both home and international airlines and on airport service ".

According to the contract "Aeroflot" undertakes to carry out the tansit by air of Russian and international mail on their air craft on regular, additional and charter flights to the destinations. It will also render the airport service - carry out loading, unloading of mail at the airport and its delivery aboard the plane.

Before the contract covered only the transportations of international mail sent from the Russian Federation, and the transit international mail arriving from the third countries, and was concluded between "Aeroflot" and Fedral State Unitary Company "International post office ", nowadays a part of incorporated "Mail of Russia". According to the contract signed today the volume of post transportations of "Aeroflot" will considerably increase due to the transportation of internal mail of the Russian Federation from Moscow and the cities of the Russian Federation.

Using the aircraft for mail transportation and the expansion of cooperation with airlines is the major condition for reduction of terms of mail items delivery and accordingly the improvement of quality of services of Russian mail.

At present time the Main Centre of Main Post Transportations - the branch of Federal State Unitary Company " Mail of Russia " works with all the largest airlines of the world, at the same time 80 % of international mail transportations is carried out by Aeroflot. 6,5 million kilograms of mail is transported every year by in-Russian airlines, Open Society "Aeroflot - Russian airlines" transporting about 650 tons.

According to Transport clearing chamber by the results of the last 6 months of 2005 the "Aeroflot" is on the first place among the Russian companies on the volume of transportations of cargoes and mails - 73,1 thousand tons. The share of mail in total amount of freight traffic of the company makes about 7 %. In 2005 "Aeroflot" plans to transfer about 5 thousand tons of mail and to earn more than five millions US dollars, what will provide the 25 % growth in comparison with 2004. More than 35 % of volume of transportations of mail will be transported within the limits of the contract of "Aeroflot" and the "Mail of Russia". Taking into account the transfer mail, coming to Moscow from other countries, the Main Centre of Post Transportations will provide the annual mail transferring of more than 2,5 thousand tons by "Aeroflot", i.e. 50% of mail transportations, carried out by the national carriers.

The contract signed, the routes of mail transportation by "Aeroflot" into the regions are distributed as follows: Russia - 36 %, the CIS - 26 %, the Europe - 16 %, Northern America - 12 %. According to Andrey Goryashko, the cooperation of Open Society " Aeroflot " and the Main Centre of Post Transportations " Mail of Russia " provides not only the growth of transportation volume, but also the expansion of services and the development of new projects.

As Olga Vasileva has noted, signing of the contract with such a large airline as "Aeroflot" gives to Mail of Russia additional opportunities on improving the quality of post services, first of all, the deliveries of accelerated mail " Departures of the first class ", express mail " EMS Mail of Russia ".

The Open Society " Aeroflot - Russian airlines " (RTS: AFLT) - the largest Russian airline. 51 % of actions belongs to the state. Founded in 1923.Contorls about 11% of actions of the home transportations and about 39% of the international transportations of Russia. The net profit made up 6330,143 million rubles (219 mln. US dollars) in 2004. In 2004 "Aeroflot" transported 6,862 passengers. The park contains 90 aircraft. The base is in Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport. New terminal "Sheremetyevo-3" is planned to be built by 2007. For more detailed information please see the web-sites of the airline: www.aeroflot.ru, www.aeroflotbonus.ru.

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