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Company News

27 October 2005

Aeroflot launches winter schedule

27 October 2005, Moscow - Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, JSC launches a new winter schedule on October, 30 that will run till March 26, 2006. Compared to the last year's winter schedule, the route network and flight schedules this season demonstrates improved transit opportunities, reduced minimal waiting times for terminals Sh-1 and Sh-2, increased operation on most popular routes. Employing the company's own resources as well as the opportunities of its partners' networks, Aeroflot offers new services to Europe, America, Asia and Africa via Moscow.

In winter 2005/2006, Aeroflot will operate flights to 45 countries internationally, including 6 CIS countries, landing in 82 airports including 56 airports abroad, 8 in the CIS and 23 in Russia.

The company will increase the number of services to Novosibirsk, Samara, Ufa (14 against 7 last year) and Kemerovo (7 against 4 last year). New services will also operate for international routes: Paris (28 against 21 last year), Rome and Milan (11 against 7 last year), Venice (4 against 2 last year), Bucharest (2 against 1 last year), Sofia (7 against 5 last year), Zagreb (3 against 2 last year), Belgrade (6 against 5 last year), Geneva (8 against 7 last year), London (17 against 16 last year), Nice (5 against 4 last year), Vienna (14 against 4 last year), Beijing (8 against 7 last year), Baku (13 against 7 last year) and Tbilisi (6 against 4 last year).

Operation has been increased for routes to Frankfurt (flight Su109/110 will run on A320 instead of A319); Dusseldorf (flight Su117/118 will run on A320 instead of A319), Vladivostok (B767, a daily service) and Kiev (daily flights will use Tu-154 instead Tu-134).

The new winter schedule highlight, as soon as the schedule starts, is the reduced waiting time between flights in Sheremetyevo terminal, for local/shorthaul services as well as for international and CIS flights.

Seven B767 aircrafts operating longhaul have adjustable cocoon seats for business -class passengers. Another two B767 will soon be equipped with the same.

The winter schedule regularly operates four freight carriers DC-10-40F, with regular freight services to 8 airports internationally: Khan, Helsinki, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong. New services are to be introduced on all the routes (excluding Hong Kong).

89 company's aircrafts will ensure Aeroflot's winter schedule performance.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines, JSC (RTS AFLT) is the largest Russian carrier, with 51% owned by the government, was established in 1923.The company controls over 11% of the local shorthaul, and 39% of international operation in Russia. The company cited RUR6330.143 million net profit last year (US$219 million). Aeroflot is member of 25 top global carriers (ATV version), passenger loads reaching 6.862 million people in 2004. The company has 90 aircrafts, its main office is based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport, and the company plans to open its own terminal (Sheremetyevo - 3) by 2007. For detailed information visit the company's web sites: www.aeroflot.ru, www.aeroflotbonus.ru.