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Company News

01 November 2005

Aeroflot - The Best Brand Of Russia In The Category "Facilities/Service"

November 1 2005, Moscow. - "Aeroflot - Russian airlines" JSC became a proud winner of the golden reward at the eighth Competition "Brand of the year/EFFIE - 2005" in the category "Facilities/Service". This reward shows the highest degree of consumer's confidence in "Aeroflot" brand, their highest assessment of the company's efforts to rebrand and to introduce fundamental improvements to the quality of their product. "Brand of the year/EFFIE" - is an annual competition of most successful projects in the sphere of creation and promotion of brands in the Russian market.

New corporate colors appeared to be vital components of Aeroflot's rebranding as well as the new logo, new coloring of airplanes, new uniform of the company's personnel, new design of the sales offices, tickets and advertising materials. Sincere smile being the major principle of the advertising campaign, the concept of communication with passengers comes to the fore. The branding campaign was not only limited to advertising. Aeroflot continuously conducts essential improvements within the company, which has resulted in adopting a new corporate philosophy and introducing new standards of board service.

Concentrating on quality enhancement of business class services and ensuring maximum comfort for the entire flight duration, Aeroflot has been investing in cabin re-equipment of aircrafts operating international routes. Today, seven aircrafts Boeing-767 have already been equipped with new comfortable horizontally convertible cocoon armchairs. The company also focused on the passengers leisure and entertainment program during the flight, introducing individual entertaining center DigEplayer, a portable device with a real-time program selection so that passengers could watch up to 30 movies and listen to over 100 hours of music. Currently, the company has started working on a concept of "new service" for economy class.

Together with the services provided to the passengers on board, the company has been continuously optimizing its routes net increasing flight frequency on passenger-intensive routes and making its flights attractive from the point of view of flight joining.

Passenger orientation of the "new service" has been appreciated: according to a survey conducted from June 2004 till May 2005 by British "SkyTrax Research" among more than 12 million of passengers, Aeroflot was listed second among the airlines of the Central and Eastern Europe.