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Company News

21 November 2005

Tenth Anniversary Of Regular Flights To Khabarovsk

November 17, 2005, Moscow - Khabarovsk. - It's been ten years since "Aeroflot-Russian Airlines" began fulfilling regular flights to Khabarovsk. About 300,000 passengers and more than 4.5 tons of cargo have been transported en-route Moscow-Khabarovsk-Moscow during this period.

Initially Aeroflot fulfilled three flights per week on Il-62 jet, later the frequency of flights was brought to seven times per week (daily). Starting from April 2004, a modern long haul jetliner Il-96 began fulfilling flights to Khabarovsk four times a week.

Within the framework of rebranding carried out by the airline and cardinal improvement of the customer service from 2005, new service standards were introduced for business class passengers. After switching to winter schedule 2005, Aeroflot transferred the flight to Khabarovsk to the company-partner "Dalavia", which fulfills flights on Tu-214 jets.

This season itinerary and schedule of Aeroflot flights have allowed to optimize transit, decrease minimum connection time in terminals Sheremetyevo-1 and Sheremetyevo-2, and increase frequency of flights on the most demanding routes. Using its own network and networks of its partners, Aeroflot offers its passengers flights to Europe, America, Asia and Africa via Moscow. Next year when Aeroflot joins Sky Team Airline Alliance and when a new terminal Sheremetyevo-3 will start operating (November 2007), passengers will be able to expand the geography of their flights and enjoy a higher quality service in the airport.

During the winter season 2005/2006 Aeroflot is fulfilling flights to 45 countries of the world, including six CIS countries, with its planes landing in 87 destinations points, 56 of which are abroad, 8 in CIS countries and 23 points in Russia.

According to sales director Evgeny Bachurin, an average occupancy of passenger seats on flights to Khabarovsk has been 73 percent. Such good dynamics is an evidence of stable demand for air carriages in the region. At the same time in accordance with the Aeroflot development strategy, confirmed by the Board of Directors, the company intends to continue further work on building mutually beneficial relations with its subsidiaries "Aeroflot-Don" and "Aeroflot-Nord" as well as with the company-partner "Dalavia".

Permanent representative office of Aeroflot is working in Khabarovsk. It is headed by Vladimir Dobrovolsky. The office is located at: Pushkina st. 50, tel. (4212) 32-75-92.

OJSC "Aeroflot-Russian Airlines" (RTS: AFTL) is the largest Russian airline with 51% of the shares belonging to the state. It was established in 1923. It controls about 11 per cent of domestic and 39 per cent of international Russia's air carriages' market. Aeroflot's net income under Russian Accounting Standards amounted to RUR6330m (approx.USD219m) in 2004. It is included in the list of the 25 leading world airlines based on the financial performance (according to ATW). In 2004 Aeroflot carried 6.862m passengers. The aircraft fleet consists of 83 airplanes. The company is based in Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport. The company projects to finish construction of its own terminal "Sheremetyevo-3 by the end of 2007. Please look for the detailed information about the company at www.aeroflot.ru, www.aeroflotbonus.ru.