Ha Long Bay. Buy plane tickets to Vietnam
Terraced Fields. Buy plane tickets to Vietnam
Vientamese Traditional Dress. Buy plane tickets to Vietnam
Salt-Making Process. Buy plane tickets to Vietnam
Vietnamese Dish Banh Xeo. Buy plane tickets to Vietnam
Ha Long Bay
Terraced Fields
Vientamese Traditional Dress
Salt-Making Process
Vietnamese Dish Banh Xeo
Vietnamese đồng (VND)
October - May
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Vietnam delights travelers with its combination of traditional Asian culture and French heritage. It has the 13th largest population and takes 66th place in terms of land area among other countries. However, it has only two large urban centers – Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with populations of about 8 million people each (which isn’t much, given that the total population of the country is 92.5 mln). The majority of Vietnamese live in cozy two-storey or wooden houses which dot the country’s rural landscape. This gives the atmosphere in Vietnam a homier feel.

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